Victorinox/Recta - DP5 bearing compass demo model

Victorinox/Recta - DP5 bearing compass  demo model -
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Victorinox/Recta - DP5 map compass with fall-down mirror - bearing compass with string for bearing included - demo model. . . 1402-3
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Victorinox/Recta - DP5 compas  - demo model WITHOUT box and instructions

The Recta DP is a super bearing & map compass, for it's a bit more than just orientation.
Recta from Switzerland has been producing fine compass for many years and has gained a good reputation for its fine products.
A nice bearing compass
practical to have in nature - hunting - scouts etc.

Have fun in nature

Length 67 mm
Width 45 mm
Height 22 mm
Weight 54 gr

Product no: 1402-3
Manufacturer: Recta
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