Custom blades - Bjarne Rasmussen - DK

Bjarne Rasmussen

Bjarne Rasmussen - Haderslev - Denmark.

I am a 3´rd generation blacksmith.
This year I was honored to make a hunting knife for the Royal Danish Crown Prins, for his 40 years birthday, on behalf of my hometown counsil... the crown prins was very pleased...

I started making knives some 14 years ago, and have had my own blacksmith-workshop for the past 18 years.
I forge all my blades in the shop, and I have great fun in trying new methods and materials.
I have attended an international workshop for old craftmannship on a small island named San Salvore , close to Venice - Italy.
I also teach damascus-forging at different workshops around in Denmark.

Enjoy your your hobby - and have fun

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