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Mogens Pedersen

Mogens Pedersen

Ferritslev Dec. 14. - 2005
Our friend - buddy - and kind person, Mogens Pedersen, has past away....
May peace follow you .........
We honor your person - your friendship - and the fine craftmanship..
You will allways be remembered.....


Mogens Pedersen, made a lot of knifeblades, but he also made some fine handmade knives.

The Akma folder (a folderkit) has been disasembeled, and he does some fine filework on the back of the knife.

The small sheath knives that MP creates from his blades, are a treat, and even if they are small, the are very usefull..

Shapes and functionality goes hand in hand i det fine blades from Mogens Pedersen.

MP has been making knives and knifeblades for more than 10 years, and are well-known for his blades in all of Scandinavia..

In the past few years, many af his knives and blades also comes with fine file-work.

Sit back and enjoy !!!

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