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Samura Kaiju

All demanding cookery specialists looking for good kitchen knives should certainly pay attention to the novelty from Samura - a magnificent and in many respects stunning Kaiju knife collection.




Style and elegance, quality and functionality, splendid ergonomics and unsurpassed performance - this series has embodied the best achievements of Japanese knife industry. All of the aforesaid will undoubtedly be duly appreciated by chefs at both home and professional kitchens.


The distinguished design of these solid-cast knives perfectly matches the line name. "Kaiju" is a Japanese equivalent to "monster" depicted on a packing box. Indeed, every knife of this collection is a real monster of its craft: it will cope aptly with high performance cutting of absolutely any product in no time at all!


Good kitchen knives can impress not only with their performance, but also with the style perfection. Loyal Samura followers will naturally immediately notice that the new collection is almost a complete replica of the renowned premium Sakai series, however, the only difference being a much lower price. The point is that it is not made of multi-layer steel plates, rather of single-layer AUS-8 Hammered blackened steel specifically created by the Japanese for the knife industry. Steel blackening and high chromium content give the blades novel anticorrosion properties to protect them from rusting, with quenching of up to 58 HRC enabling to maintain the flawless sharpness of the cutting edge with a cutting angle of 15° for extended periods.



The blade surface is covered with an amazing and very beautiful wavy blacksmith's work pattern. In addition to aesthetics, however, it also has a very useful practical load. Recessed portions ideally matching the pattern fulfill the role of air pockets to reduce the area of contact with food and prevent it from adhering to the blade surface. The blackened coating is also to the chef's benefit and reduces the material adhesion, so that the knives from this collection can make boast of the dual protection against the insanely irritating and interfering sticking. Only well-thought out and good kitchen knives can reveal such a property.


Another advantage of Kaiju over Sakai is the handle material. It is made of pakka wood, i.e. a special and highly advanced material featuring all the strengths of both plastic and wood, being absolutely free of any blemishes. The base layers of fine wood are impregnated with special resins to give the handle unique properties, including resistance to chemicals, moisture and foreign smells.


In addition, the wood so stabilized is not cost intensive, the more so very affordable, which is also to the benefit of the buyer.



The blade is embedded throughout the length of a remarkably ergonomic handle and is securely bolted thereto: the knife is fully controlled and well handled.


The brand new Samura Kaiju collection with a magnificent mesmerizing design, unsurpassed performance, genuine Japanese quality and more than an affordable price (5 times cheaper than Sakai!) - – it is one of the best offers from the famous brand, really good kitchen knives, which are second to none on the market.

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