Kitchen knives - Zwilling Miyabi 600D

Zwilling Miyabi 600D

Miyabi 600 D
Zwilling Damascus Knives

The 600D Series:
The series is ideal for the preparation of any dish that requires precise cutting - and not only in the Japanese kitchen.
In Japanese cuisine the aim is perfection. Dishes must be prepared according to the rules of the art. They must delight the eye just as much the palate. Perfect meals require perfect tools. The MIYABI 600D series is a wide range of knives that enthral users with their exceptional sharpness, comfortable handling and good looks.


The CMV60 steel is particularly hard and resilient. It provides the basis for a sharpness and ability to retain this sharpness that is impossible to achieve with traditional knife steels. A special hardening process enables the steel to reach its full potential. The CRYODUR® blades offer optimum, long-lasting hardness (60 HRC), excellent cutting performance on a sus- tained basis, corrosion resistance and blade flexibility - in other words every- thing demanding chefs expect of a knife.
 Blade core made of extremely hard and resilient CMV60 steel embedded in 64 layers of stainless steel.
 CRYODUR® blade, hardened using a specially developed process (including ice-hardening at -196°C) that guarantees extreme hardness.
 Symmetrical blade with ultra-sharp Honbazuke honing.
 Thin, stable blade with authentic Japanese blade profile: symmetrical cutting edge with 19° angle.
 Sturdy, western-looking three-rivet handle with red accentuating line, made of corrosion-resistant, colour-fast Duracon. Good balance thanks to individual weighting; comfortable, tireless working guaranteed in all hold positions.

Enjoy your kitchen work

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