Kitchen knives - Zwilling Miyabi 7000D

Zwilling Miyabi 7000D

Miyabi 7000 D

Fascinating aesthetics of the blades because of the multi-layer steel with an attractive Damask design.

Japanese cuisine values aesthetics highly. These are the knives that complement the demanding presentation of Japanese dishes.
The blades are made from top-quality steel with 65 layers and impress with their fascinating Damask design. The specific blade construction allows for the high hardness and therefore outstanding sharpness and cutting edge retention of the MIYABI 7000D knives.

Knife with symmetric blade.
The traditional "D-handle" allows tireless working in all cutting techniques.

Steel with 65 layers and a core of top-quality CMV60 stainless steel, containing cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium for additional strength and durability of the blade. The high carbon content allows for a hardness of approx. 60 Rockwell and therefore exceptional sharpness and cutting edge retention. The final sharpness is applied by the original Japanese Honbazuke honing that is carried out by skilled master craftsmen using a fine whetstone and elaborate hand crafting.

Enjoy your cooking

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