Custom klinger - Anders Hedlund - SE

Anders Hedlund - SE

My name is Anders Hedlund of Sweden and I am born in 1971. I live in the village of Sämstad, on the west coast of Sweden.

I made my first knife in the wood shop in school at age 15.

In 1992, I begun working as a church janitor, a job much like a gardener, and on the brakes I started making knives again. At that point, very simple knives with factory made blades. Nevertheless, I got to sell a knife or two and that gave me currage to carry on with my knife making.
 After having used factory made blades for a short while, I started making my own blades out of stainless steels such as RWL-34 from Söderfors, Marss 500 and AEB-L from Uddeholm.

Now days I very seldom compete with my knives, but I have over 20 first places in different knife classes in Swedish championships, and I have only been beaten once in a Swedish championship through all these years by one another knife maker, and that was back in 2002, in my first championship ever.


I treasure all the good friends I have met through this art form and I consider myself to be very lucky being able to make knives that are loved by collectors all around the world.
My hope for the future is to continue on the never ending journey to evolve as a knife maker and keep on produce high quality knives and engraving

Enjoy my small blades


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