Custom knive - Darac Steel Custom knives - Crotia

Darac Steel Custom knives - Crotia

Darac Steel Custom Knives - Crotia

I am a full time knife maker from Croatia, SouthEast Europe, and I was in love with knives all my life.

I made my first knife back in 2008. It was a primitive knife by any standard, made out of piece of steel that was laying around the garage and not even heat treated.

But it was a start of a passion on which I spent following years experimenting with designs, perfecting the grind technique and finishing touches and gradually equipping my workshop.

Now I feel like I’m ready to share my passion with the rest of the world. I’ll post every new handmade knife I finish here on this web site and I hope you will enjoy these knives I’ve make as much as I have enjoyed making them.


Enjoy the fine knives

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