Guy Stainthorp - UK

Guy Stainthorp - UK

About Stainthorp Custom Knives

 I made my first blade from an old file in 1996. I made the whole thing in my Father's workshop using a 6” bench grinder and charcoal forge. Unable to stop, I worked into the small hours to finish it, and I still have that knife today. The feeling of satisfaction from creating a working tool with my own hands was quite something, and despite many initial hiccups, I haven’t stopped since. I sold my first commission in 1999 and went fulltime around 2007.

I currently have a workshop in south Cheshire, where I work alone in all aspects of making your knife. All my blades are made via stock removal and this allows me to use many of the complex modern alloys. Over the years I have built up a comprehensive workshop so that now all processes are done in house, including heat-treatment cryogenics and leather or kydex work. This allows me to control all aspects of the build and take full responsibilty for the outcome, as well as enabling me to meet deadlines more effectively! My knives have been sent all around the globe and I've put blades in the hands of hunters, soldiers, collectors and adventurers alike.

My ethos is to marry the best materials available with the finest craftmanship and create knives that are equal parts artwork and cutting tool. This means I am always pushing my abilities, experimenting with new designs and materials, and ensuring that I can offer customers the best blades that money can buy.

I’ll work closely with a customer to make a knife to their own design, or tailor one of mine to fit – and, being handmade, each knife has unique characteristics that add to the pride of ownership

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